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Join Cats United WA Inc

Cats United WA Inc thanks you your interest in becoming a member of our association. Whether you want to show your cats, become a breeder, transfer from another association or just love cats in general we welcome the chance to have you join us.

Before you can become a member you will need to complete our application page and agree to abide by our associations rules and bylaws.

New members do need to be nominated by an existing member.  This may be the person who bred your cat or kitten or someone you know who is a member.  You will need to have their email address so we can contact them.  If you dont know any of our members you can still apply for membership as our secretary can nominate you and will be in touch if they need any extra info from you. 

Once your application is received it will be presented to our committee for acceptance.  You will be notified when this has taken place and your membership fees will be invoiced to you via a PayPal invoice.  Once they are paid you will be issued with a a membership number.

If you are joining as a breeding member either as a new breeding or transferring from another association our registrar is on hand to help with getting you set up and ready transfer in cats and register kittens etc.

Our association is run as paperless as possible.  We have prefilled electronic kitten registration forms, provide our pedigrees in PDF form for printing or emailing and accept scanned copies or photographs of pedigrees and certificates. 


Cats United WA is run by volunteers, many of whom work full time but we do our best to action our members requests in a timely fashion.  

Membership Fees

Joining Fee $20 (currently waived till 2022)

Ordinary Membership $25

Junior (associate) Membership $10

Breeding Annual Fee $25

Prefix Application fee $25

All fees are payable via PayPal.  If you dont have a PayPal account you can set one up here. Our Treasurer will send  invoice your membership fees once your application is received.

Non Breeding Members

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New Breeding Members

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Established Breeding Members

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Got a question?  Email our membership officer at 


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