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Cats United WA and the Cat Act 

In WA cat Ownership is governed by the Cat Act which is legislation enacted by the WA Government.  It covers keeping cats as pets but also as breeding animals.  

When it was created three cat associations existed in WA.  They were named in the regulations to the act as the named associations that people could belong to and automatically be afforded some concessions as breeders under the act.  

When Cats United WA was formed we were not a named association.  One of the very first things our association did was write to the ministers office and request that we also be named in the regulations. This was accepted and actioned but took a long time as legislation needed to be changed then presented to the minister etc etc.

In March 2020 we were officially added to the Cat Act Regulations.  Cats United WA Inc is officially "exempt from the requirements of Reg 10 and Reg 23 of the Cat Regulations 2012".  
This means Cats United WA Inc is a named association in the regulations to the Cat Act 2011.  
You can view the regulations following the link below as they have been officially gazetted and updated.  
Regulation 10 is on page 6
Regulation 23 is on page 11


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